Collection: MIDLIFE CRISIS 2022/2023

"Vive la vie" - Live Life
'Midlife Crisis' is a story inspired by a refusal to give in to societal standards that govern aging in women.

No matter how powerful, beautiful, witty or charismatic - each seems to surrender to self-doubt, retreating into the safety of neutral, functional garments made for comfort. Blending prudently into the background of beige.

Your 40s + are the best ages to find one's own voice; to not be so easily intimidated by anything at all! 

I do hope this collection instils courage to experiment, to dare, to stand out... and to seek frivolity and joy rather than focusing on unattainable perfection.

Here's to all the inappropriateness of the rule-breakers; whatever the labels might be! Here's to all the Cougars, MILFS, Divorcees, Fashion Lovers, Moms Who Need a Break; the lovers of all things that make us feel alive! 

This one's for you!

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