Collection: KAT VAN DUINEN FOR MEN 2018/2019

Whether ostrich, crocodile, lizard, or python, Kat van Duinen’s exotic leathers tell a unique story of the label and its South African heritage. In November - just in time for the summer season - the brand launches a new collection, leading with a more sartorial narrative; one that’s tailor-made for men.

The same unrivaled materials and slick, considered craftsmanship carve out each piece. The only difference is the perspective. Designed for the self-respecting gent with a travel-centric itinerary, there’s an accessory for every need and purpose, all finished in signature leather.

Why exotic? Rare and refined, each one is coveted for its texture, look, and colour; it’s a piece of art in its own right, in its most natural form. For decades, crocodile was known as the most luxurious material of them all, and it happens to call South Africa home. This hasn’t changed for Kat van Duinen, and the brand proudly celebrates it in accessories.

Always on the go, the Kat van Duinen man is a modern executive in style and substance. But he doesn’t have to be a boardroom-based city slicker to feel distinguished. He champions the finer things in life, appreciating art in all its forms; exotic leather appeals to his eccentric taste. Filling his ostrich tote with the essentials or all the paperwork inside his glossy crocodile briefcase, he’ll set off for the day with everything he needs. Then if he’s off on a weekend break, his python luggage bag is big enough to pack for every eventuality. Come dinner time, he might top his trousers with an ostrich belt, and then pay for the meal
with the cards in his custom-embossed python wallet (to match his suitcase, naturally).

Passport holders, glasses cases, phone covers, and suit bags (to keep the tux crease-free for next time) fill the label’s refined line-up too; in every shade under the African sun. He’s got his business repertoire completely kitted out, with everything he needs for leisure time too.

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