Care Guide

Every Kat van Duinen garment is proudly made in South Africa, supporting the local artisans and fashion industry. The materials used to craft our pieces are of the finest quality, and slight imperfections and colour variations may occasionally appear in the fabric. These characteristics are completely natural, and simply serve to enhance the unique beauty of each garment.

Garment Care:

All Kat van Duinen garments are Dry Clean Only, and cannot be machine-washed or tumble-dried. If washing by hand, please use a gentle detergent suitable for the fabric of the garment, and wash in cold water very gently. Do not bleach or use bleach products on any Kat van Duinen pieces.

Iron garments on a very low heat, using a thin piece of fabric or non-flammable, clean baking paper between the iron and your Kat van Duinen garment to avoid burning the fabric.

Kat van Duinen does not recommend washing and ironing any of our garments yourself – luxury fabrics and details like embroidery and beading require professional care for the best results.

Leather Care

Kat van Duinen uses only the finest materials to create luxurious leather pieces. Small imperfections and colour variations reflect the unique beauty of each leather skin, and proper care will ensure the longevity of your purchase.

Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, and store in a dust bag and fill gently with tissue paper to maintain the aesthetic and structure of your piece. Wipe softly with an unblemished cotton cloth in the direction of scales to clean.

Remove oil stains with talcum powder, sprinkling over the area to absorb oil, before gently brushing off. Test all products on a hidden area of leather first to avoid potential damage to your piece.